New Zealand Motorcycle Racing and other photos.

Link to photos:

Photos by Damien Toman.

If you would like large uncompressed jpegs, without the watermark, please email me:

Photos are best viewed at flickr "ORIGINAL" size. Slide show does not display best quality.

They are mainly unprocessed images. Any selected can be improved by a little cropping and exposure adjustment etc.

The images are taken using a Canon 5D Mark III (22MP), Canon 70D (20MP), Canon 5D Mark II (21MP)  or a Canon 7D (18MP) and pro lenses shooting in RAW (highest quality) mode.

Customer quote: "I see a lot of bike photos and I've yet to see any as beautiful and clear as yours - they are top bloody notch"

I started serious photography and club motorcycle racing over 30 years ago, so have a little experience and many happy customers. 

Photo identification, downloading and payment details

See "Rates & Services" at top left of this page for large jpeg photo pricing (images, not prints). 

If the photo already appears on my site, please quote photo reference numbers shown in flickr (hovering mouse over thumbnails displays reference). The reference number for each photo will be something like 2011-03-27-1189, which you can cut and paste into your email – or, just state the date and last part of the number for each photo. 

My bank account for funds transfer is:


Let me know when you have made the transfer (best to cut and paste bank receipt from screen).

Please put your name (and bike no. if a race day) as a reference on the bank transfer. On confirmation of payment I will then upload all the large versions of the photos, without watermarks, and send you a link for the downloads. 

Thanks for your business. Please download all photos within 1 week as I will then remove them. For photo upload updates (new race meetings etc.) you can be notified via Twitter: follow @ChooseDPhotos. I also provide a link on racing or track day forums.